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Boxed Sets

Boxed sets consist of 52 White Sunday envelopes and special collection dates including the respective Dioceses in assorted colours. Sunday envelopes can also be printed in assorted colours on special request. All envelopes are in cheque size (3 1/8”x6 5/16”).

We Offer:

Assorted Paper Colours

-Pink, Blue, Green, Buff, Yellow, Grey & Goldenrod

A Variety of Ink Colours

-Black, Blue, Burgundy, Red & Green

Strict quality control is enforced to create sharp and appealing layout and printing at all times. All envelopes are dated and numbered (on both sides). Envelopes may be printed on the face, flap or both sides. Special collection envelopes include the name of the church on the envelopes.

We are proud to say that besides English & French, we can offer printing on the envelopes in several foreign languages. (Italian, Spanish, Greek, Korean, Chinese, Ukrainian and others) We also offer bi-lingual envelopes to suit church's needs from various denominations.

Packaging of Boxed Sets

Our usual boxed sets of 52 weekly Sunday envelopes with an assortment of coloured special envelopes are well packed in a sturdy white window box to help read the number of the set. There are 20 of these boxes packed flush serially in a tray for easy display and distribution at the church. Three of these trays go into each carton. For orders with more than 38 specials, we provide similar but over size white window boxes. For additional orders of specials only, we offer colourful window boxes.


To Start Your Order:

Call us at 1.800.343.5192 or

Please Note:

Prices for boxed sets are calculated based on the number of special collection envelopes, the design/layout of the envelopes, set-up and printing plates and if printed on one or both sides. A coloured Initial Offering is FREE. Shipping and taxes are extra. A discount is offered for orders received in January of the preceding year and accepting early delivery. Payment is due within 30 days of receiving the goods. 

Due to space limitations, we appreciate customers accepting early delivery or can be placed in storage at a nominal charge.

"Thank you for all your help. You and your staff are awesome!" 

- Marie

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