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Have offering envelopes conveniently mailed directly to your parishioners homes

Mailing envelopes on a regular basis is proven to increase the amount of parishioners who contribute to offertory collections as well as the amount of total contributions collected.

As part of a Haber mailing program, your members will receive envelopes on a quarterly basis (four times a year).

Our versatility allows envelope mailings to be used as a communication tool, stewardship reinforcement and evangelization outreach. Mailing programs are also a great way to remind pre-authorized givers to contribute to special offerings.


Get the most out of your offering envelope program with Haber Church Envelopes!

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"Thanks for turning around our order very quickly and thanks for the tour of your operation. I was truly impressed with what Marcel has accomplished in his specialty. To have loyalty in today's market is key. Haber has created that in spades."

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