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Pre-Filled Communion Cups

A New, Safe Way to Worship!
Gluten-Free Options Are Now Available!

Haber is providing a new way for you to bring your congregation together for worship - while promoting safe social distancing practices. 


Our new pre-filled Communion Cups are individually packaged and contain a single serving of 100% Concord grape juice, and unleavened wafer. 


Pre-filled Communion Cups are also designed to fit perfectly in Communion trays, and require no refrigeration to store.

Product Features

  • Contain a single serving of 100% Concord grape juice and unleavened wafer

  • Minimum order of 100 with discounts at 200 and 500

  • Each serving is individually packaged and 100% recyclable

  • Gluten-free options are now available


To learn more, call us at 416-661-7776, or fill out our form below!

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